This page features links to some of my favorite projects as well as some visual experimenting.

This is the reel I put together a while back with samples of some Motion Graphics work (and by default some editing) that I have done.

Introducing a new program for the university was best done by animation. This one features a mix of 2D and 3D work that seamlessly tells the story.

We needed an open that featured elements from the print collateral, so I recreated the graphic in 3D.

It can be tough to take complicated ideas and clearly communicate them with little direction, but for the educational content highlighted here, I was able to do just that.

Creative outline provided by an agency partner I turned into an effective way to showoff a new product line.

Setup for a digital screen in the Airport and done without audio, this idea came from the marketing team and I turned it into a great animation.

Working with my friends over in Annual Giving we were able to come up with this compelling way to engage the audience.

The Weathehead School of Management thanked their donors and wanted show them how their donations benefited students.

With the help of a great agency partner we were able to create this award wining spot for the Neighborhood Health Association Insurance store.

Annual giving at Case Western Reserve University needed to explain their new text to give option and what better way than with motion graphics.

A video for a contest about brain research.  As you'll see I have a close personal connection to the cause, in this moving and inspiring piece.

Working with a great team brings great accomplishments.  This is one of those videos that tapped many of my talents as well as those of many others.

The start of a video that wasn't to be.  Originally for a sales meeting, this open lost its home when the meeting was canceled.

The BGSU TEDx team needed a moving and emotional piece to get attendance up.

Graphics tell the story of a major new product with a quick demo on how easy it is to use.

This showcases a simple and effective testimonial style that worked well and helped boost attendance. 

This video uses catchy a catchy 3D iPad and screen captures to give the audience an idea of the power of the app.

Here is a sample Key Bank logo build built in C4D.  

Cutting together a music video from a bunch of random scenes at a party is hard enough but wait until you have to make sure its all about the kitchen.

Featured on the Hanson Inc. Homepage for years, this quick demo worked as an intro to our work.

Inspire people to adopt pets by making them laugh about what its like not to have a pet.

Inspirational website landing video still in use today. Check it out at Backstage Gallery and see it play in its native environment. 

See more examples of my work on vimeo.